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Curious About Our Culture?

Drwing Technology Inc was established in Calgary, Canada, in 2020. The website development, App Development, and WeChat-Mini Program Development services as its core business. It focuses on creative design and communication applications, exploring and maximizing commercial value for Chinese companies living in North America. Seeking long-term development for all Drwing Tech focuses on professional exploration, constantly revises service guides, perfects creative work, and provides customers with more high-quality and comfort services. 

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Our Values

  • Drwing Group adheres to the respect and understanding of people by experiential thinking and experiential strategy, and creates the overall experience from brand strategy to design, enabling the continuous growth of brand value.

  • We had successfully served many of well-known group enterprise brand customers with their passion for design, keen insight and deep understanding of marketing trends, and many customers in the booming market environment to promote mutual symbiosis.

  • Drwing Tech cherishes every collaboration with its clients and insists that everything was done in the spirit of “creative communication” and that the service concept of “do your best” is always more involved.

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