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Most frequent questions and answers

After the discussion, we would send you a quote. It will include the time specification and budget. The time that we spend always depends on the websites. For example, we can develop a typical website within one week.

Many of our clients asked us about the price of building a website at the beginning. Mostly, we always suggest that setting up a meeting with clients to discuss the needs. Then, we could depend on the client’s needed to offer an accurate quote.

There is not the right answer to this question.  The information below will help you to clarify your needs.

  1. .ca would be a good option if .com with the same name took.
  2. There are not different when a visitor reaches your website.
  3. Only Canadian Residents or Canadian Corporation register the domain with .ca

The User Experience Designer and Project Coordinator of Drwing Technology will lead you to prepare all documents that we need. It about planning for the right kind of content and design on your websites.

Absolutely, Drwing Technology offers different Maintenance Plan by our Maintenance Team to help you update and maintain your website.  Check more information by click the link below.

Maintenance Team by Drwing Technology


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